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  • Wolverton House Productions | TJ Cream Ft. Dia Day x Noifznobutz: Journey Home

    Wolverton House Productions just kicked off their Journey Home sessions on YouTube. The series features a ride home with artists while they perform their music. On this episode we have TJ Cream, Dia Day and Noifznobutz. AND IT WAS SICK! I was bumping the whole ride. I feel bad for the driver, probably ran like […] More

  • Chris Trent – The Fight (Official Music Video)

    Chris Trent just premiered the official music video for his new single, The Fight. Definitely a new banger! Chris switches up the flow effortlessly throughout the record. The music video is also very well shot, with sharp visuals and clean edits. If you’re looking for some bouncy new CHH to add to your playlist make […] More

  • Rio Mighty Premieres HIs Music Video For Jehovah

    Rio Mighty just priemered his new single, Jehovah, on Gospel Hydration. A bouncy Afrobeat record about looking to the Lord. God changes our story, doesn’t matter how it started, the Lord rewrites your journey. Rio dropped the visual along with the single, showing us his city. Chilly winter vibes mixed with everyday life. Take a […] More

  • Dwell Here – Daniel Ojo ft. Kimberly Ade

    Daniel Ojo releases his new single, Dwell Here, featuring Kimberly Ade. A song about needing the Holy Spirit to dwell in your soul. A powerful worship song for those who have been wanting to welcome the Lord into their lives and those who have be needing that reconnection. Daniel, releases a music video with the […] More

  • Corey Benjamins Premieres His New Music Video For His Single, Patience

    Corey Benjamins premiered his new music video for his single, Patience. We already love the single but watching the music video along with it makes us love the song 100x more. It’s beautifully directed with high quality shots. It also has cut scenes where Corey gets his acting on, low key gave me anxiety when […] More

  • Limoblaze’s First Single Of 2021, Mind

    Limoblaze just release his first single for 2021… and it’s a banger! Limo has been dropping teasers of the visual all week building the anticipation. If you haven’t watched it yet, I don’t want to give anything away. But it’s definitely a glimpse of where we would be if it wasn’t for God’s grace. The […] More

  • O. J. Toks – No Worries (Official Music Video)

    O.J. Toks drops a Valentines Day treat with his new music video, No Worries. A blend of Hip Hop and R&B. The song is about how love can be decieving when we don’t involve God in the journey, This single is from his new album, Incognito. Watch the video and let us know what guys […] More

  • Kossi Bruno x Creative Eden – One Heart

    Kossi Bruno & Creative Eden release their new single, One Heart. A song reminding us we are all the same. We have seen a lot of violence around the world due to hate and racism. One Heart, is cry for us to remember we are called to be “One people, one nation, & one heart”. […] More

  • Guvna B - Unspoken

    Guvna B Set to release his new book “Unspoken” in a few days

    UK Christian Music Artist Guvna B is set to release his new book “Unspoken” Which looks like it will be an interesting read. What Guvna B says about it is “There’s a few things I’ve picked up in life about what it means to ‘be a man’ but recently I realised that some of those […] More

  • Marc Jones - Gospel Hydration

    Marc Jones Just Hinted New Music Dropping Soon

    Looking forward to hearing more from UK Christian rapper Marc Jones. He’s been away for a while but has something new brewing! Make sure to look out for it. Here is his most recent release “Game Of Thrones” for you have a listen to for preparation as we’ll need it to manage the fire. More

  • Brandyin (feat. Yelhsa) – Satisfied

    BrandyIn releases his new single, Satisfied, featuring his sister Yelhsa ‘‘One day, I went to the hairdresser and while I was in the car, I thought about everything I had. A united family, shelter, food in abundance, and people dear to my heart. Looking at all this, I realized how satisfied, satisfied and grateful I was. When I […] More

  • Reblah - Royalty

    Reblah shuts down 2021 with his new drop ‘Royalty’

    UK Christian artist Reblah just dropped his new track ‘Royalty’ shot by aligned vision. Blasting off the year with a heavy hitting anthem for the Christian community. Reinforcing our identities as Royalty and calling out all injustice. Real Rap! Check out the video below that premiered on Link Up Tv. More

  • Kobby Salm Ghanaian music


    Kobby Salm drops a Ghanaian Christian drill track and it’s a banger

    Ghanaian Christian artist Kobby salm shakes the Christian nation with his brand new track ‘Aseda’ feat PO Godson, Joe Kay and Belac360. When I just heard the preview I was like what is this!! Loving the vibes Kobby salm is giving off this early in 2021. Check out the music video below. More

  • Stevie Valentine – All About U

    Stevie Valentine just premiered his new single, All About U, on Gospel Hydration. Stevie always drops a bop. This new joint is giving us old school R&B vibes mixed with Hip-Hop. A perfect song for the Valentines Day season, where the song is focused on a Christ centered relationship. Something you can bump while you’re […] More

  • Hot

    DJ AZee – Christian Reggae, Afrobeat, Rnb, & Dance Live Mix

    DJ AZee has been bringing the Holy Spirit into thousands of homes with his Sunday Live mixes. Today was a Holy Ghost party, as DJ Azee, jumped from Reggaeton Cristiano, to Afrogospel, to Christian R&B. People were jamming in the live chat, sharing stories of themselves vibing in their living rooms, & coming together to […] More

  • Shimon Atunde – Need You

    Shimon Atunde, just released his new single, Need You. A collaboration with Tbabz, so you know the beat is popping. This song is about how much we need God in our lives. Shimon says that he cries out to the Lord when he feel like the troubles of the world are closing in on him. […] More

  • Winter Amadin – Spaceship Love

    Winter Amadin‘s new single, Spaceship Love just premiered on Gospel Hydration. Featuring one of our favorites, Angeloh. Spaceship love, is inspired by John 15:13, there is no greater love than, Jesus; the one who laid his life down for us. Winter went further in, Spaceship Love, to explain the blessings that the love of Christ brings […] More

  • Sonz of Thunder – Destiny’s Calling

    The dynamic duo, Sonz of Thunder, just premiered their new music video, Destiny’s Calling. An upbeat delcration of stepping into your calling and trusting God will light the way. Whne it comes to our destiny, it is a balance of hard work and letting God take the lead. Go and listen to this record if […] More

  • Top 10 | Gospel Hydration Chart | January

    Our Top 10 tracks of the month are here. Starting the year off with a mix of genres like Afrobeats, R&B, Hip Hop & Drill. Annaly, taking the top spot, with her new single Special, representing for the ladies. We also have brand new artists on the list that bursted onto the scene this month, […] More

  • Looking Forward to Isaac Mather’s new video, the shots are looking epic!

    Isaac Mather just gave us a sneak peak behind the scenes of his new upcoming release. In the shots you see him inside a restaurant in what seems a conversational style set. I’m really looking forward to seeing what he has up his sleeves with this drop. He hasn’t even released the song name yet! […] More

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